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The Wellness Club boasts some of the most charming and prestigious hotels of Valle d’Aosta among its members. The age-old tradition of hospitality passed down from generation to generation within our hotelier families has transformed these hotels into true gems. Only by visiting them can you understand their wealth of history and feel their unique atmosphere.

Located in the most delightful corners of our Valley, their privileged position is perfect for enjoying the alpine scenery and admiring our legendary peaks, and standing only a short distance from glamorous resorts like Courmayeur, Cervina and Cogne.

The hotels belonging to the Wellness Club offer their guests the most up-to-date wellness facilities. Our wellness centres are tuned to perfection in every detail and are continually enlarged and revamped to satisfy the demands of even the choosiest guest. This union between tradition, nature and modernity is sure to win you over


Centro Prenotazioni Club Wellness Valle d’Aosta
Corso Lancieri d’Aosta, 32/a - 11100 Aosta - Valle d’Aosta - Italia
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