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Enclosed by the highest peaks in the Alps, Valle d’Aosta is a mountainous territory par excellence with a third its surface area lying above 2,600m. Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn and Gran Paradiso are some of the legendary mountains crowning this valley.

It is a territory full of challenges: the majestic scenery, the high altitudes and height differences make it a delight for top-level sports from skiing to trekking, from mountaineering to water sports such as rafting and canyoning, not to mention mountain biking.However Valle d’Aosta is also nature and contemplation with its sunny valleys, green meadows and enchanting woodlands. The first Italian National Park was created here in Valle d’Aosta, and now almost one third of the territory is protected to safeguard its biodiversity.

Valle d’Aosta conserves precious artistic and historic treasures: megalithic monuments dating back to prehistoric times, extraordinarily well-conserved Roman ruins, and, of course, the famous medieval castles, over 100 towers and fortresses and aristocratic dwellings. A cultural heritage enriched by living mountain traditions: pastoral culture, handicraft, gastronomy and Italian-French bilingualism – making it one of the most welcoming frontier territories.


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